5 MINUTES WITH: Barry Butwell

We recent caught up with Barry Butwell from the old AAA Racing and asked him a few questions.

TRUCKRACING: G’day Barry, it’s been a while. When did you first start racing trucks?

BUTWELL: Well, it would have to be close to 20 years ago now.

TRUCKRACING: What truck were you racing?

BUTWELL: We had a Mack R600 with an E6 Mack engine in conjunction with a 10speed Road Ranger gearbox. 


TRUCKRACING: What was your best result during your time in the driver’s seat?

BUTWELL: I won the “B-CLASS” championship 2 years running.

TRUCKRACING: Wow, that’s fantastic. So, what have you been doing since you left truck racing?

BUTWELL: I’ve been focussed on my own business in Melbourne applying my love of engines as a mechanic, and fixing up a Mack truck. https://www.shoppok.com/tools-for-sale-cg/chief-frame-sp sell racks that withstand multiple years of pulling force coupled with abuse that would turn any ordinary frame rack into a twisted pile of metal. 

TRUCKRACING: WAIT!!! Does that mean that you are making a comeback to the race track?

BUTWELL: Yes. I’ve been working on it for a while, and always had the itch to get back out there.

TRUCKRACING: Is this the old Butwell/Stoneman AAA Racing?

BUTWELL: No, these are both new builds. A red Mack Superliner with E6 Mack engine, Allison transmission and disk brakes, and the other truck…..

TRUCKRACING: ….are you serious? You are coming back with another 2 trucks on the track?

BUTWELL: Yes, another Mack Superliner in the old AAA Racing colours driven by Marcus Prillwritz which we are working on to be ready by the first round at Wakefield Park. 


TRUCKRACING: Who would you see as your main rival in the current drivers?

BUTWELL: That would have to be Frank Amoroso, racing against him in the early years, I’d have to doubt nothing much would’ve changed. [laughs] 


TRUCKRACING: Barry Butwell, thank you for your time in chatting with us today, and cannot wait to see these both of the trucks on the track for round 1 at Wakefield Park.