While the outlaws of the old American west packed their six shooters and rifles to rob banks, stagecoaches and trains, but these cowboys mount the saddles of their trusty steeds, buckled up and in the search of  victory and glory, in the ‘Battle of Winton’. 

Round 3 of the Hi-Tec Oils Super Truck Nationals was held in the backyard, where Australia’s most infamous outlaw made his final stand.

The new Mack Superliner of Marcus Prillwitz

The new Mack Superliner of Marcus Prillwitz

Winton Raceway hosted a bumper weekend, with the blazing sun shining down, the posse of 12 trucks and an Indian captured in the Rigs, Rods & Rides showing in the corral. High noon came, and the crowds gathered around awaiting the shootout.

The newest truck of Marcus Prillwitz, a Mack Superliner, started up and trembled fear amongst the other competitors, with its whinny and deep resonating sound as he trotted around the corral.

Just as the sun was nearly overhead, qualifying for the third round was underway. Beau Hewat quickly lead the pack with a time of 1:16.7249 and Steven Zammit following closely behind by half a second. John Bomberle a further 0.5sec adrift with Michael Coulter placed 4th. Frank Amoroso (current series leader) could not bring his beast under control and failed to set a decent time due to fuel pressure problems.

Qualifying Results;

  1. Hewat – 1:16.7249
  2. Zammit – 1:17.2643
  3. Bomberle – 1:17.7259
  4. Coulter – 1:18.5593
  5. Yardy – 1:19.3508
  6. Gray (NZ) – 1:19.4496
  7. Butwell – 1:19.5086
  8. Reyntjes – 1:19.7703
  9. Anderson – 1:19.9378
  10. Amoroso – 1:20.0643
  11. Christian – 1:20.3396
  12. Prillwitz – 1:24.9307

On any given Sunday, the teams worked feverishly to bring the trucks into shape, and in warm up Zammit nearly sets a new lap record held by Luke Sieders for over a decade, by missing out by just on 4/10ths. This would’ve been proof of something very special that was about to happen for the day.

Hewat led Zammit and Bomberle to the finish in race 1 from the start, as Frank Amoroso decided to visit the gravel on the opening lap, relegating him back to 10th position. The Mack Superliner of Barry Butwell failed to complete in his opening race.

Race 1 Results;

  1. Hewat
  2. Zammit
  3. Bomberle
  4. Coulter
  5. Yardy
  6. Reyntjes
  7. Gray
  8. Christian
  9. Anderson
  10. Amoroso
  11. Prillwitz
  12. DNF – Butwell

In race 2, Zammit quickly wanted the lead and ran down the inside of Hewat at turn 2, from there, Hewat was playing the predator but could not keep up as Zammit in the SRZ Kenworth went on to win by 2 secs. The Fleet-Pro Volvo N12 of Paul Reyntjes suffered tyre issues late in the race  as a real battle of 5 trucks was playing out, and couldn’t keep it on the asphalt in the final lap relegating him to 11th place. Those 5 trucks of Gray/Amoroso/Christian/Anderson & Reyntjes crossed the line with 3 seconds between them.


Paul Reyntjes leads Coulter and Anderson

Race 2 Results;

  1. Zammit
  2. Hewat
  3. Bomberle
  4. Coulter
  5. Yardy
  6. Butwell
  7. Gray
  8. Amoroso
  9. Christian
  10. Anderson
  11. Reyntjes
  12. Prillwitz

Frank Amoroso wasn’t going away without a fight. In this reverse-grid race, Amoroso quickly negotiated the pack, and took the lead and pushed hard all the way, unfortunately for him, Hewat had other plans, and in the quicker truck, lassoed him with 1 to go. Zammit took a points hit with Bomberle giving him a little accidental tap going into turn 1 on the last sending the Direct Power Steering entry #1 truck into a spin on the straight.  New Zealander of Shane Gray in the Team Quality Kenworth T408 placed less than a second behind FATE Racing, making it a Kenworth 1,2,3.

This would have to be the “BESTEVER”  race that I’ve seen with the trucks, as the top 10 finishers all stopped the clock within 7seconds of Hewat crossing the line.

Close racing all weekend

Race 3 Results;

  1. Hewat
  2. Amoroso
  3. Gray
  4. Coulter
  5. Bomberle
  6. Reyntjes
  7. Butwell
  8. Christian
  9. Anderson
  10. Yardy
  11. Zammit
  12. Prillwitz

Superprix showed interesting racing again, as the final race, some would always step on someone’s toes. This came in the likes of Michael Coulter in the Isuzu FSR, whilst leading into the braking zone of the cleavage, Coulter got a little loose and crossed the dirt sending him sideways and unfortunately for Butwell, clipped his rear tyres and blowing the outer right rear. He and Coulter both ended up limping home bruised and battered. Shane Gray speared off the track on the approach to 3 on the penultimate lap forcing him to DNF alongside the Isuzu SBR of Karakar Racing, Craig Yardy, who suffered engine problems in the 7th. Hewat skipped out to a handy lead completing the weekend with a comfortable 7second lead over Zammit and 4 back to Amoroso. Allowing Hewat to take the meet out on points making the leaderboard get quite congested heading into the final round at Wakefield Park in Goulburn on 29th & 30th Nov.

SuperPrix Results;

  1. Hewat
  2. Zammit
  3. Amoroso
  4. Christian
  5. Anderson
  6. Reyntjes
  7. Butwell
  8. Bomberle
  9. Coulter
  10. Prillwitz
  11. DNF – Gray
  12. DNF – Yardy

L>R Frank Amoroso, John Bomberle, Beau Hewat & Steven Zammit



Overall Round Points

Hewat 64pts
Zammit 48pts
Bomberle 41pts
Amoroso 38pts
Coulter 37pts
Christian 31pts
Reyntjes 31pts
Gray 29pts
Anderson 27pts
Yardy 26pts
Butwell 26pts
Prillwitz 15pts
Watch out Wakefield!