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Australian Racing History

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Truck racing began in Australia in 1987, at a rain-soaked
Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne.

The race trucks at the time were simply road-going tractor/prime mover units, which were unhooked from their trailers, had a race seat and harness fitted, then put onto the track to race.

The trucks came in all different forms with sleeper-cabs fitted and bogie drive units etc.


The largest crowd in truck racing to this day was at Oran Park, New South Wales in the late 1980’s with a record 29,596 enthusiasts in attendance.

The largest field of trucks was also at Oran Park in the late 1980’s with a total of 22 trucks racing.


In the early days, truck racing meets were one-off events held throughout Australia. However, the sport has evolved into the form that it is today.

A regular series was developed with rounds in various states across Australia. Regulations have been updated, with all trucks being required to be a single drive unit, minus sleepers and other accessories which had been present in the past.

The trucks became purpose built racing machines, built simply to race and never pull a trailer or load again. In 1993, the rule book was re-written and the ‘A’ class was renamed to Super Trucks and the formula was opened up to greater modifications for racing.

At the same time as the super truck formula was changing, another truck racing formula was established. The light truck category was introduced which had become predominantly Isuzu SBR/FSR but available to any vehicle under the 3 tonne and 7500CC engine capacity.

The light truck category intention was to create a class of race truck, which was more economical, lighter in weight and more nimble than their super truck counterparts. This enabled a more budget conscious category and opened up the sport to a wider category of people who wanted to get involved in truck racing.

Australian Circuits Visited

  • Oran Park – Nsw

  • Winton – Victoria

  • Calder Park – Victoria

  • Sandown – Victoria

  • Mallala – South Australia

  • Willowbank – Queensland

  • Lakeside – Queensland

  • Barbagello – Western Australia

  • Baskerville – Tasmania

New Zealand Circuits Visited by us

  • Pukekohe – Auckland

  • Ruapuna – Christchurch

  • Timaru – South Canterbury

  • Bay Park – Tauranga

  • Teretonga – Invercargill

  • Manfield – Palmerston North

Many an Aussie have introduced themselves to the experienced and determined competition of the kiwis, and have also encountered some spectacular incidents at the New Zealand circuits. In response, the kiwis have frequented our shores and certainly shown some awesome hair racing competition.

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